1. No open fires or naked flame inside the marquees or within 5 metres of outside of marquee. (Heaters installed and/or supplied by CPH are the only heaters allowed inside the marquees – unless prior approval is sought). No cooking in marquees unless prior permission received.
  2. Marquees are not to be moved – in doing so this will mean forfeiting of your bond and payment any other damaged caused to the marquee from doing so.
  3. No coloured crepe paper, streamers or party poppers to be fastened to the marquee, marquee poles, inside or outside, as colours will run and stain the marquee walls and roof permanently.
  4. No adhesive tape to be used on the marquee walls, windows or roof.
  5. No swinging or climbing on the marquee frame.
  6. All damage, losses and breakages will be charged for.
  7. Prices quoted are for delivery on street level, extra charges will be made for delivery to and removal from higher or lower levels (unless prior instruction has be sought).
  8. A charge will be made for waiting time.
  9. Only Coulson Party Hire employees in Coulson vehicles are permitted to pick up Coulson equipment.
  10. A charge or $25 per 15mins will be made if Coulson staff has to clean out the marquee before dismantling it.
  11. All items and packaging must be returned in the same clean and dry condition as supplied, except linen. Linen, however must not be packed/returned wet. The hirer will be charged for the damage resulting.
  12. Strictly no smoking on synthetic grass/red runners or poly flooring – damage from cigarette butt/burns will be charged for at replacement costs.
  13. Do not wrap cord of spotlight around light while still hot.
  14. Late returns will incur a charge of 25% of daily rate for each day late – unless prior approval is sought.
  15. Marquees are temporary structures only, and are erected for use in normal meteorological conditions. In instances of high wind warnings/predictions, the hirer must use discretion in regards to the use of marquees and occupant safety. In gale force/strong winds the marquee must be evacuated and the walls laced closed.
  16. The hirer is not to sell or offer of sale, assign mortgage, pledge, underlet, or otherwise deal with the said goods or any part or parts thereof.
  17. The goods hired as per the face of this document are the property of Coulson Party Hire as the person signing the same hereby acknowledges and further acknowledges that he/she has read these conditions of hiring and accepts possession of the said goods subject to each and every one of the terms and conditions. The hirer shall be bound by there conditions whether signed by him/her or not.
  18. The company shall not be liable for damage or loss caused to any person, property, animal, or thing whatsoever, arising from carriage, use or handling in any way of the goods hereby hired even though such loss may result from negligence of the company, its carriers, or agents, and the customer will indemnify the company in respect of any claims for such loss or damage.
  19. It is the Hirers responsibility to notify the CPH staff members on site of any pipes, easements, underground cabling etc…. when CPH staff arrives to site to erect a marquee. Failure to do so and any damaged cause by this is not the responsibility of CPH staff and the company. ‘Dial before your dig’ 1100
  20. Please ensure you allow ventilation for all gas appliances, especially heaters and ensure leads are done up tightly with a shifter, not hand tighten only.

Cancellation Charges


Less than 45 day notice – FULL DEPOSIT

Other good 

Less than 14 days notice – FULL DEPOSIT